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Also known as Sri Pada, meaning the sacred footprint, the name is attributed to the 1.8m long formation in rock at summit. It is a place of veneration equally for Buddhist, Muslims, Christians and Hindus. Buddhist believe that the footprint is of Buddha, Hindus regard it as Shiva's, Christians believe it to be St.Thomas and Muslims regard it to be Adam's.
The place holds a lot of importance for Buddhist and Hindus who do a pilgrimage to Adam's Peak.
There is a myth that from the peak, it is just 40 miles to the paradise and the music of the fountains of the paradise can be heard here. It is a several hours climb and there are rest stops through the way up. The tea stalls and the food stalls help a lot in rejuvenating your energy, though the prices might be little higher than your expectations. Generous offerings are made at the shrine above.

It is believed that if you want to recover from a long illness, offer a silver coin. The rainwater stored at the sacred footprints is said to have magical healing powers, both internally and externally. The first full Moon day of December is considered lucky to be here, so pilgrims start their journeys from this very day. The rush is active till first full Moon of April. Many people prefer trekking late at night, so that they can watch the wonderful Sunrise here. It is not that risky but one has to take additional equipments and extra care.

Hidden Gems! 

1)This mountain is also named as 'Samanala Kanda', the name not being popular with many. It is called so because of the endless species of butterflies fluttering around, carpeting the sky.
2)The 'Cetiya' at the foothill of Adam's Peak was erected by Japanese Buddhists and stands for peace. Travelers touch that once as a symbol to show that they, too, respect and practice peace.
3) Ibn Batuta, the famous Arab traveler, and Marco Polo, a European traveler, had spent quite a few precious moments of their lives on this peak.
4) There are 6 routes, but the most popular route to the top is from the Hatton side, as it reduces the journey by 5 kms. Though one might find the slopes little steeper than the other routes.

When to go 

The pilgrimage traffic starts from December and continues till early April as it is dry and the best season for climbing. Months of May-October are visited by rains, hence making the trek slippery and risky.

How to reach 

It is around 40 kms on the North-Eastern side of Ratnapura. The Hatton path is the most popular route to the mountain. To reach Hatton, You can take a bus either from the Colombo Bus Stand or from Kandy's Goods Shed Bus Depot, which is just across the Post Office.
From Hatton, the base of the mountain is just 35 kms and multiple local buses ply to the base. Hatton, being on the main Colombo-Kandy-Nuwara Eliya railway line, is easily accessible by train.

If looking for a real adventure, take the Hatton path up and the Ratnapura path down. To start uphill, there are six treks (Ratnapura-Palabaddala, Hatton-Nallathanni, Kuruwita-Erathna, Murraywatte, Mookuwatte & Malimboda). Most of the journey is through forest. Many people prefer Hatton trek as it reduces the journey by 5 kms. Nallathanni and Palabaddala are also the popular ones. Earlier the road from Udamaluwa to Palabaddala was not worth using but now it has been reconstructed by the army and is the most used route.

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Useful Trivia


1) When visiting the Peak for the first time, do not forget to take bath at 'Seetha Gangula'. It, being a tradition of the place, should be done to show respect. While doing so, there should be a white clothe piled up on your head.
2) Carry a new needle with a fresh thread tied to it before you start the journey. This is to be tied at the needle point called 'Indikatu Pana'. It is believed that by hanging the threaded needle, one pins down his sorrows there forever, moving forward with just happiness.
3)If you meet another pilgrim/traveler on the way, greet him with the word 'Karunawai' (Peace).
4) Being a long trek, make sure you go well prepared with enough water, chocolates, salt, snacks, torch(extra batteries), and a stick.
5) Try to start your journey a little before 3 AM, so that you can be a part of the Sun rising.
6) Carry a few extra clothes as it is colder than usual at the top.
7) If you are a first timer, you will be need to offer 2 yards of pure white cloth. So buy that before you start the journey uphill.


1) Do not grumble or complain about the duration or the difficulty level of the trek uphill. It might offend the pilgrims going with religious sentiments.
2) Do not forget to toll the huge bell there, at least once during the visit. It is considered to be lucky and is believed to wash away all your tiredness.
3) Though it is not that dangerous to trek alone as you will find many trekkers on the way, but if trekking at night, prefer to have a companion as not so many people trek during nights.
4) There is a strict taboo on carrying polythene and plastic to the peak. One is likely to get penalized if caught carrying one.

Local Shopping 

On the way, one will come across stretches of tea leaves. It is called 'White Tea' as its tips are silver in colour and are covered with fuzz. The aroma is little pungent and one might find it reaching direct to the head. But the simple, subtle taste is amazing. The tea carries Poly-phenol content that helps in cancers a lot. Do not forget to pluck few leaves as a sample for the fist time, and carry enough next time if you like the taste.

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