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Inscription on the PillarPillar was constructed in honor of Ashoka visit


The Ashokan Pillar, standing proudly near Maya Devi Temple, war erected by King Ashoka. It is believed that the king visited this place personally and built this pillar as a tribute to Lord Buddha’s birth place. Not only did he erect the pillar but also gifted an inscription to it, which later on became the proof of his physical presence at the place. As a respect to the place, the king engraved on the pillar that Lumbini will stay a tax-free site forever and it still enjoys that respect.
For years and years, this pillar was lost in the sands of time. But then, it was rediscovered by the governor of Palpa, Khadga Shumsher Rana. The pillar is fenced by iron rods, that seem to protect it. Pilgrims offer prayer flags and banners to the pillar and tie them to the boundary of the rods. The Ashokan pillar is circled by multiple sets of round-staired podiums that contain bowls of incense. The pilgrims contribute to the bowl with their share of incense and sit there for some time to meditate.

Hidden Gems! 

1. The engravings on the pillar mention that no taxes would be applied on people of Lumbini on account of it being the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

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1) One can see uncountable prayer flags, prayer beads, and prayer wheels in the local shops. These things are worth buying.
2) This place is famous for various types of incense. So those who have the habit of keeping their house lilac or rosy, they should not miss the variety of incense available here.

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