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Nestled on a ridge overlooking Pokhara highway, Bandipur is a small town sitting at a height of 1030 meters that has zoomed in on the tourist maps. Though the place is open to tourism now, it still breathes the centuries old oxygen. The stone paved streets with ancients houses lined on the both sides, the tiny wooden windows with iron bars opening right on the face of the lane, the rustic shops and market, children trying to touch the tourists out of excitements and women stopping the conversation when they see an unknown face passing by, reveal the antiquity of the place and its natives.

The few things that steal your attention are the historic temples, the shrines in the hills, the dense forests, the multiple trails running down and beyond the town, the Newari and Magar festivals and Sorathi-chutka dances.
One can also visit the library in the town, the small silk farm and a local khadga devi temple.

Hidden Gems! 

1. You can also trek up to Bandipur from Dumre. To be precise, from around 600 meters to the east of Dumre intersection. It usually take 3 hours on the way up and half the time downhill. The trail snakes through many small villages, local houses, fresh water sprouts, and lush green shades.

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Useful Trivia


1. Carry you torch/flashlight as many of the people end up only trekking on the exciting treks. Do not forget to carry stock of extra batteries for torch as you may not find many in Bandipur.


Local Shopping 

One can pick up any small wooden item as a keepsake. Though they are not as ancient as the town, but they will always remind you of the beauty of this place.

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