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Royal Bardia National Park is located in the far western Nepal. It was established in 1988 and is a protected Himalayan area of forests, wetlands, savannas and lowland forests of the eco-region Terai. Royal Bardia National Park has the largest number of Bengal tigers and rhinos in South Asia. It protects more than 30 rare species of mammals, over 400 species of birds, amphibians and fish.This park extends over an area of 970 square kilometres.

Six species of deer exist in the Royal Bardia Nationa Park. Other large mammals that exist include Gaur, wild Boar, agile sloth Bear, Nilgai etc. Small mammals include Langur, Jackal, cats, Mongoose etc. The rivers passing through the park also have two species of crocodiles - the Marsh Mugger and the Gharial. Gangetic dolphin and the Mahseer are two varieties of fish that exist in these rivers.

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1. The Gangetic Dolphins founds in the rivers here are practically blind, and use sonar techniques to find their way around.

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