When to go to Bhutan

General Info 

September - October, and February to June are in general good months to visit Bhutan. Winter comes to Bhutan a little early and peak winter months of Nov to Jan although doable, are not highly recommended. June to mid Sept is the rainy season and though no weather should hold off the intrepid traveller, you might want to plan around that as well.

Weather is different in low-altitude areas (where it is more subtropical), than those places up in the hills where it varies from cool to severely cold.

How to reach Bhutan

General Info 

Visa: Getting into Bhutan obviously requires a visa , and other than India, Bangladesh and Maldives nationals, the visa has to be applied-for from the Bhutan government at least 30 days in advance of your travel dates. The visa is stamped on arrival if your tour/visa application has been approved, so there is no need to visit the embassy itself. You can ask your travel operators to get the visa for you, or try getting it yourself. The visa is issues for 14 days, extendable once though.
Tour packages: For all travellers from countries other than above, it is mandatory to buy a tourist package to be eligible for the visa. As of 6 June 2011, the tour package starts from $250 per night during peak months of March-May and Sept-Nov. For June-Aug and Dec-Feb, the package stays at $200 per night. Any additional cost or discounts are separate from this charge. NOTE: This daily tariff includes hotels, accomodations, driver, translator, all food, and anything you need while trekking, such as pack-horses.

For solo or couple travellers, there is an additional surcharge of $30 per head per day.
Permits: To travel inside Bhutan, you need to have permits handy, which are available from the immigration office in Thimpu.

By Air 

If you prefer to travel by air , Bhutan offers services through its own national airline named Druk airline. Fly-in option is also available from Nepal using Buddha Airlines.
Druk airlines offers services on various routes including Bangkok , Kolkata, Delhi, Dhaka , Gaya, Kathmandu, Siliguri (Bagdogra) and Yangoon. Bagdogra airport can also be a good landing point, though further road travel to Bhutan would need to be planned.
The only working airport in Bhutan is at Paro, which is some 50+ kms from the capital at Thimpu. Another couple of airports have been discussed, but nothing is available yet.
The other option is to fly into the Indian airports at Bagdogra (nearest) or Kolkata, and then plan further journey from there bu road.

By Train 

There is no railway network in Bhutan, but a link to Phuentsholing from India is under consideration.
From India side, the nearby station is at Hasimara on the Kolkata-Siliguri line. New Jalpaiguri station in Siliguri is popular with the tourists as well.
Get your tickets book ahead of your trip as it is very famous among locals.

By Road 

There are various routes/access points to get into Bhutan from the India side. No information is available on getting into Bhutan from Tibet side, and is almost never heard of.
From India side, Phuentsholing is approximately 170 km east of the Indian national airport at Bagdogra. You would require to cross it to reach Thimpu . Another route can be taken from Gelephu in south central bhutan which is approximately 250 kms to Thimpu, the whole route would cross the three districts and the travel is estimated to be 10 hours . Samdrup Jongkhar, the town border of Daranga (Assam) is 150 km from Guwahati, and the travel time by road to Guwahati is approximately 3 hours . Entering through Samdrup would be a 700 km and 3 day travel to reach Thimpu .
Taxis and bus services are also available from Phuentsholing to Thimpu , which would roughly take 7 hours.

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