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Bomedling wildlife sanctuary covers most of TrashiYangtse district, certain parts of Mongar and Lhuentse districts and slides by the border of Tibet and India. Its overall spread is more than 1500 sq kms.
This sanctuary was earlier established to preserve the Himalaya family- from trees to birds, from common animals to the rarest species. No doubt, the effort proved fruitful because this wildlife sanctuary has some of those species of animals that are either on 'Red alert' or that are found no where else. Species like black bear, black necked cranes, barking deer, musk deer, red panda, blue sheep, snow leopard and Bengal Tigers are just to name a few. had it not been this place, these species would only be found in books. It is believed that this place has hundreds of species of Butterflies.
Not only this, the sanctuary is a center of culture and religion because there are places right in the heart of this sanctuary like Rigsum Gompa, the mystical Singye Dzong that triggers the spirit of the travelers to visit this sanctuary.
(Note: Do not let Google map on the right fool you, Bomdeling covers parts of what was 'previously' known as Kulong Chhu National Park).

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1. This sanctuary houses the most scenic monastery of the nation - the Dechen Phodrang Lhakhang.

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Certain parts of this sanctuary are dangerous and the animals roam around freely. Either expert knowledge, or a guide has to be your weapon of choice.

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