Boudhanath Stupabuddhist temple

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The stupa in Boudhanath is one of the most revered places for Buddhists in South Asia and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The story goes that the stupa was built when an old woman asked the king for a piece of land to build a Buddhist shrine. The king said that she can have all the land as long as it is covered by the skin of her buffalo. The clever woman cut the buffalo's skin into small strips , creating a really large circumference of a circle where this stupa was then built.

Prayer services are held in the stupa and surrounding gompas and when the sun sets, the whole community comes out and a religious observance is held around the stupa. Instead of just swinging by the place, you can also stay overnight as the accomodation and the food is not at all bad here. The time spent here brings peace to the mind and eases away all the worries.

Hidden Gems! 

1. Losar Festival, the festival of Tibetan new year, is the biggest festival celebrated in Nepal and Boudhanath is privileged to host it. It is considered to welcome the New year and is celebrated in the month of February or March. In 2011, the festival was on March 5.

When to go 

Try visiting during later hours of the afternoon as the crowd of tourists withers away and one can appreciate the beauty to the fullest. If wanting to be a part of the prayer, sunsets are the best as the whole community gathers for the evening prayer. 'Losar' is the festival celebrated in Bodhnath during the months of February and March, which makes it a geat time to be there.

How to reach 

The stupa is right in the center of Boudhnath area.

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Useful Trivia


1. Walking around the stupa is almost considered a must if you are here.
2. The locals believe that the prayers are effective only if you walk around the stupa in clockwise direction. Anti-clockwise is supposed to bring bad luck.


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