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A village of quality, though not of quantity- Chapagaon is a happy place with good economic condition. One might not find many exciting sites to see, but it offers many short and long treks and trails. As one steps into the village, one is welcomed by Vishnu shrine, a temple of great respect. Proceeding further, Bhairab Shrine stands tall with its ancient architecture. It also has some erotic engravings on the roof struts. But one feels blessed at the beauty of Vajra Varahi temple which is situated amidst a semi-forest area. This particular temple pays homage to the goddess with powerful magical powers who stands in a dancing position with one leg folded half, supported by the other. People believe this temple to have great magical power. Saturdays are usually devoted in chanting hymns and praying. The place has some of the beautiful fountains, shrines and windows/doors with traditional engravings on them.

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Local hats and straw bags are a must buy. Few of the local wooden items might prove a good keepsake.

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