Chapagaonreligious place

When to go to Chapagaon

General Info 

Avoid monsoons if you want to trek. The best time is during the months of October- April. If there for a weekend, do not miss the vajra varahi pooja on Saturdays as that will be give a beautiful insight into the beliefs of the local people.

How to reach Chapagaon

General Info 

By Air 

By Train 

By Road 

Chapagaon is around 14 kms from Patan. Starting from Patan, one hits Bungamati after 5 kms. Further around 5kms down the road is a small village called 'Sunakothi'. 3 more kms and one reaches Theco, from where Chapagaon is only 1 km uphill towards the southern direction. One can even trek from Bungamati to Chapagaon

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