Chorten Koramonument

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Chorten Kora, the symbol of peace and harmony, is inspired by Bodhnath Stupa in Nepal, and is esteemed highly by the people of Bhutan. This Stupa took 12 long years to be completed. It was an effort to save the Bhutanese from making a long trip to the stupa in Nepal because it provides everything that people find there. Though it is not as huge as the Bodhnath stupa, it well serves the purpose it was built for.
The entrance of the place is decorated by the train of prayer flags that sing with the winds. The people believe that this Stupa will save them from the demons and bad spirits that are believed to roam around the place.

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When to go 

The best months to visit this place is February and march, if one wants to be a part of the Dapka Kora and Drupka Kora festivals.

How to reach 

This place is situated on the road that comes from Trashigang and comes a little bit before the new town of Trashiyangtse itself. The road moves along the Dangme chu and Kulong chu rivers.

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If you are there, you might not want to miss the weekend market at Chorten Kora.

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