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The eastern region of Bhutan has always remained the most populated yet the most appreciated region, although a good number of families live hidden in the deep valleys or the isolated places. It is wonderful when one suddenly comes across few houses out of no where. There seems to be a very noticiable difference between the eastern region and the western region. The dialect spoken by the eastern people is so different from the western ones that sometimes things are communicated only by gestures.
The 'home made rice wine' has always been a delicacy of this area. This part of Bhutan is amazingly unexplored and to a great extent. The lush green forests, the deep down valleys, the rivers and streams criss-crossing the same route multiple times, the beautiful temples echoing their history,the Dzongs that have preserved the hints of the events on their walls, the strangest of the flora and fauna, the red rice, the colorful festivals, the last nomadic tribe, the wonderful and the most adventurous treks- all this is what Eastern Bhutan is made up of. It leaves an everlasting imprint on the mind of a traveler and gives N number of excuses to come back again.

Hidden Gems! 

It is the region that is rich in Myths- so unusual and so interesting.

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Eastern Bhutan is not appreciably good with food and transport. One should be mentally prepared in case one falls into a situation when one has to walk a long distance or when one has to survive on Maggi.


Local Shopping 

Eastern region of Bhutan is rich in Hand-looms and embroided textiles.
Hand made rice wine and red juicy apples are also a must try.

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