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Gomphu Kora, also called as Gom Kora, carries history in its rocks. The place was believed to inhabited by a demon , who was subdued y Guru Rinpoche. The imprints of his hat, his body and the demon(in form of a snake) are visible till date. After 400 years also, the waters seeps out of the rock on few auspicious days which is believed to be holy. The paintings on the walls of the temple are said to have originated during 15th century.
The temple has many relics and caves, which become so narrow at certain place that one has to crawl hard to pass through it. It is believed that passing through those narrow paths leads to forgiveness of his sins of the previous birth and makes his next birth filled with happiness.

Hidden Gems! 

During the tsechu, nomadic tribes from Merak and Sakteng side come here and the evening events results in marriage for some of those folks!

When to go 

Month of March and April welcome the 3-day long Gomphu Kora Tshechu (festival) which is different from any other festival in the country. It is the biggest festival celebrated here, and is therefore a good time to be here.

How to reach 

A 12 km drive from Chazam and 23 km from Trashigang towards Trashiyangtse brings you to this sacred place. It is situated on a plateau, surrounded by paddy fields.

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Useful Trivia


1. You are supposed to cover your head while entering into the temple.
2. During the festival time, many colourful dresses and hats can be bought.

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