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Part of the World Heritage site and the Central highlands of Sri Lanka, Horton Plains offer two of the most popular tourist attractions- World's End and Baker Falls. This plateau is covered with montane grassland & fog forest which is home to some native species of the region. It is an absolute delight if you are keen on bird watching and commonly seen mammal here is the Sri Lankan Sambar Deer. Few of the species found here are so rare that they are only found in Horton plains and in no other place in Sri Lanka.
Belihul Oya has Baker's falls that fall down from the height of 20 meters. The plains also have the Slab rock falls that are lesser popular but equally beautiful.
The beast feature of the place is 'Worlds End'. It is 870 meters of a sudden drop on the southern boundary of the plains- no slope, no slide, just Zzupp. A little far is Lesser World' End which is 270meters drop. The view from the World' End can breathe life into you. The plains are a hikers paradise, with 6 well known trails to the interior of plains and the Baker's falls plus the World's End. One can choose from 1hour hikes to 4-5hours hikes.

Hidden Gems! 

1) A rare species of Daffodil orchid is found here that covers the whole ground with their beauty. The sight is one of the postcard picture types that compel you to take out your camera.
2) You see a few of the trees that are multiple hundred years old. So old that they give you a fairy tale look with their 'old man beard' hanging down.
3) A painted lip lizard with florescent glistening green colour is seen here frequently. The creature is not very adorable but worth a minute of your trip.
4) Three important rivers start from this region, one among them being the longest river of the country.
5) The route through Non Pareil Estate, called 'The Devil's staircase' is rarely used by people as it is considered to be challenging and needs experts to pass through it. But this is one of the most breathtaking routes.

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Useful Trivia


1) Please take the permit beforehand as you will not be allowed to enter without the permit.
2) If interested in the place from an academic point as well, try contacting the eco team there. The guides are experts, with proper knowledge and pleasant manners. The fees that they charge is far lesser than the amount of interest they create in you about the place.
3) You might be tempted by jeeps there, but the experience would be worth quoting throughout the life if you explore the place on foot.
4) There is not enough accommodation available at the plains, if planning to stay overnight. Only two lodges and three campsites are available for stay; so, you need to book them well in advance.


1) Do not forget to carry a sweater, a hat, sunscreen, bottles of water, stout shoes and a raincoat. The weather in Horton Plains might change any minute. It can start raining in the middle of the hottest of the afternoon. So it is advised to go well prepared.
2) Please do not carry plastic inside. The security might not check your bag, but they will orally inquire and will ask you to submit it before you enter. So better, do not carry any disposable plastic with you.

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