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One gets amazed to see that such a small town as Ilam carries so much to offer to its travelers. Ilam, apart from being one of the best tea estate, is also rich in forest area, lakes, holy places and culture. It succeeds in entertaining every kind of soul. As the name itself suggests, it is encircled with twisted roads that go swirling in and around the place. Ilam has the biggest lake with area of 1.6 hectares.

Popularly known for the tea production, the place not only produces one of the finest tea but also lets the world taste it. It is exported to every corner of the world, esp, Europe. The flavours and the features of the tea change with the chnage in altitude and is so very carefully planted. Tea produced after every kilometer might taste absolutely different and blissful, not letting you decide which one is better. Kanyam and Fikkal are the largest estates that have made Ilam proud.

Apart from that one can see things like ginger, milk, milk products, cardamom pure and in abudance. There are many temples in Ilam, with a few very popular among pilgrims. The rolling hills, with misty clouds floating through the tea gardens, make this place a wonderful experience in itself.

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1. Do not forget to buy muscatel, black and autumnal tea. They are costlier than other teas but a must buy for tea lovers.
2. 'Raksi'- a home made alcohol and pure tasty cheese is another speciality of this place. All milk products are healthy, cheap and pure here due to abundance of milk.
3. 'Bombaisan Mithai' is a sweet that is considered as a delicacy of this place. 4. Multicoloured umbrellas here might sound little loud to a few, but when at a place like this, they are worth carrying.


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