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'No leaf has been left unturned by nature to make India the most extraordinary country that the Sun visits on his rounds.'
India is bordered by every kind of beauty that can possibly be found- water, mountains, valleys, desert, greenery. Being a land of multiple cultures, traditions, religions, languages, India caters to the need of every kind of traveling nerve.

The northern part of India raises its head high with one of the Highest mountain peaks in the world, that hides unbelievable adventures in its lap. Snow clad mountains, given a break by lush green valleys, leave everlasting imprints on a traveler. The mighty mountain ranges spare a glimpse of their bounty in the form of umpteen hill stations.
The southern India is a perfect blend of water and greenery. The beaches that let you walk into the sea, the house-boats that take you on a trip in the backwaters fenced by uncountable coconut groves, the temples that tell the stories of ancient civilizations, the people overflowing with hospitality, the states situated on rolling hills, make the visit to south India more than worth it.

The Western strip of India is painted 'brown' by the Almighty. The Desert that still carries the footprints of the olden glory, the amazingly different and colorful culture, and the rarest species of the animals is what West India is made up of. Places like Rann Of Kutch, Jaisalmer, Jaipur etc take a traveler to altogether a different world.
The Eastern India has opened itself to the travelers for past few years. Hill stations like Darjeeling are already welcomed into the circumference of the famous tourist spots. This part of the nation, being much unexplored, has gained momentum in attracting people from far and wide. Places like Mizoram, Nagaland, Assam, Manipur carry fresh and untouched beauty in their heart:)

The colourful medley of Indian fairs and festivals is also as diverse as the geographical diversity. Indian festivals and fairs are an everlasting expressions of celebration and are observed with full zeal and gaiety. Every season brings a new festival and celebration. One same festival is celebrated in in different parts of the country in different ways, it just show cases the eternal harmony among the community and the spirit of celebration. Great country to be in!!!

Hidden Gems! 

India is a country loaded with hidden gems. While Taj Mahal, Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala etc. are much celebrated, two additional destinations that would be recommended for exploring are the farther corners of Ladakh region and states in the north-east of India (popularly called the Seven sisters).

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Useful Trivia


1)Do remember to taste the flavours of Indian cuisine. The Indian cuisine boasts of a wide range in variety, taste and flavour. Being a diverse geographical country, every region has its own special flavours and style of preparation.
2) If meeting an elderly person at somebody's house, bend and touch their feet as a matter of respect.
3) Do carry your passport with you, though safely. You never know when you need it.
4) Always carry the medicines that you usually take for minor infections, for medicines in India are generally stronger and you might react to them.
5) Drink mineral water only.
6) Learn to bargain hen in India, as non-Indian skins are charged more than usual.
7) At many tourist/historical places, you will see the huge diffserence between the tickets paid by Indians and the money demanded from Non-Indians. Well, you can not do anything for that, but just be mentally prepared.
7) Cover you head and take off your socks while in a temple, gurudwara, or mosque.
8) Stay away from stray dogs.


1)Do not fall prey to unauthorized and fake tour operators for a pleasurable and trouble free holiday in India. All the authorized operators carry a photo id sanctioned by the Ministry of Tourism and the Archaeological Survey of India. They are supposed to present you the id card on request.
2) Avoid extending your hand for a handshake to a woman, unless she is westernized. People, being conservative, might hesitate in doing that. Just bowing your head as a greeting will be fine.
3)Avoid messing with the local police. You might end up paying for something you haven't done.
4) Do not accept anything offered by a stranger. It might be a trick to rob you by adding sleeping pills to it.
5) Do not feel offended if you are asked personal questions about your kids, your salary etc, by the Indians. For them, it is just normal and they do not mean to offend you.
6) Do not encourage beggars.
7)In general, western clothes are not a problem in India anymore. You can wear according to the place you are visiting. It is just that when you are visiting a family that is conservative, wear anything that is modest. It is best to seek advice from the person closest to you in the family, or the one who has invited you; or when you are visiting a religious place.

Local Shopping 

India offers a lot to buy- from modern items to antique things, from souvenirs to dresses, from anything to everything. The best part is, every single state of India will have so different things that one is awed at the diversity. Explore the place you are visiting at, and do pick up something that catches your eye. Do not leave it pending, thinking that you will buy it later because you might end up regretting as you might not get anything like that in the other parts of the nation.

We hope that we have been of help in finding the required info for India.

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Happy journey!
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