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Kakani is located 29 km north west of the capital city Kathmandu and is at an altitude of 2002 meters. It features one of the most beautiful sceneries and peaks of this region. The key attractions range from the beautiful alpine scenery to the magnificent vista of the Himalayas.

The main attraction here is the Ganesh Himal highland. Gaurishanker, Choba Bhamre, Manaslu, Annapurna, and several other peaks can be closely seen as well. The views in the morning and evening are worth the visit and one is advised to stay overnight to catch the magnificent mornings before clouds come and cover the scene.
You will also find a century old summer villa which was used by the British Embassy and the peaceful Thai Memorial Park which commemorates the victims of 1992 Thai Airlines crash.

Hidden Gems! 

1. There are trout farms on the way with restaurants nearby. One can stay in one of those, catch own fish, cook it/get it cooked in open, and relish the taste and experience forever. You can also try a hand, rather feet, at strawberry wine making procedure if you had like.

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Useful Trivia


1)If motor biking or cycling to Kakani from Kathmandu, carry a bandana around your nose and mouth to save yourself from Kathmandu's black endless pollution. 2) Carry you license as there is an army camp before Kakani. They never miss to check it and log in their register. Without license, you might have a bit of a problem.
3) Carry an umbrella to save yourself from uninvited rain.


Local Shopping 

If a lover of strawberry, there can be nothing better than this place as it produces 2,50,000 kgs of this juicy red and one of the finest breeds of strawberry every year.

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