Kalavantin Durgfort/palace

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Kalavantin Durg is located on a hill top at a height of 2300 ft. The fort is adjacent to Prabalgad Fort and can be reached by deviating through Shedung from Mumbai-Pune Express Highway. Reaching the fort presents the toughest trekking challenge in Maharashtra. The trek which begins from base village of Shedung, takes about 3 hours and requires trekkers to climb rock-cut stairs through a steep slope. Reaching Kalavantin Durg is relatively a tough affair and is recommended for experienced trekkers. A number of instructions must be followed during the trek to ensure maximal safety.

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When to go 

Monsoons make this trek challenging as the rocks become slippery and the steep steps smile wickedly. The best time to visit is from the months of October till May.

How to reach 

"Kalavantin Durg adjoins Prabalgad fort, which is quite near to Thakurwadi. Thakurwadi is around 19 km from Panvel, which can be reached by train using the Harbor line(Mumbai).
Alternatively,On the Mumbai-Pune highway, one can slip down towards Shedung, which is a village at the foothills of Prabal and Kalavantin forts. The 2.5 Hours trek lands one in Machi and the village there gives way to the fort with its beautifully designed rock laid steps. "

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