Kalpitiyacoastal town

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An evening viewVideo: Lagoon between Kalpitiya and PuttalamBoat in the lagoonThe Kalpitiya lagoonVideo: Dolphin watching


The Kalpitiya town is a coastal town offering a variety of things to do. The Kalpitiya peninsula has the Indian Ocean to the west and Puttalam lagoon to the east.
The Alankuda beach is a beautiful sandy beach from where one can take boat rides to spot sperm whales and dolphins. If you are in luck you might be able to see a blue whale as well.

The Bar reef is around a one hour boat ride just off the shore of Kalpitiya. It offers amazing marine life and beautifull coral reef. The reef is shallow and snorkeling is the best way to explore it. Kalpitiya ridge, Moray ridge and Travelly Pass offer great opportunities for scuba diving. Kite surfing is also a big sport in Kalpitiya.

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