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Nothing like a capital city, Kathmandu awes one who travels for the first time- No skyscrapers, no metros, no automated malls and no kilometers long flyovers. But it gives a perfect insight to rest of the country conveying the message that Nepal is marinated in simplicity and antiquity.

Kathmandu is the capital city and also the largest metropolitan city of Nepal. Kathmandu is regarded as the gateway of Nepal tourism and acts as a nerve centre for the country's economy. With the most advanced infrastructure among all the urban areas of Nepal, the city's rich history is 2000 years old. It is also known as the historic city of Nepal where Himalaya's many spohisticated kingdoms emerged and fell.

The artistic richness of the valley is showcased in the six UNESCO World Heritage sites. This capital city has a host of less known but amazing and wonderful temples, ancient newari villages and viewpoints. English and Hindi are understood by all of the educated population. Besides a significant number of the population speaks any of the foreign languages like French, German, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean etc. The literacy rate is 98% in this capital city.

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Useful Trivia


1) Bargain well before you hire a cab.
2) Carry passport size photographs beforehand during visa and afterwords.
3) When coming from Pokhara/Chitwan towards Kathmandu by bus, carry sufficient snacks beforehand as the places where buses halt for lunch/breakfast charge exceptionally high from tourists. Otherwise, try buying from the other nearby local shops (which will not be many)


1) Avoid state buses, they are ordeals.
2) Do not exchange money at the airport unless you have to. The service charges are really high there.
3) Do not fall prey to fraudelent agents and guides. Avoid asking someone else to look for your belongings.

Local Shopping 

Kathmandu is a great place to shop for Silver, Clothes, Carpets, Cultural Articles, Pashmina Shawls etc.

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