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Unspoilt, unknown and uncommon is what Lele valley is. It has cocooned itself for centuries from the modernization and has kept its beauty untouched. The place, not popular with many, mostly invites souls who crave offbeat adventure.
Not being an easy trek down to the valley, many prefer giving up and enjoying its binocular version of the beauty.

Being close to the foots of Himalayas, it exposes the terrain of the mighty mountains that leave the trekkers drooling. The main attraction, apart from trekking, is the humungous 'Tika Bhairab' painting on the brick wall shaded by Sal tree on the way to the valley. It is just before Lele while going from Chapagaon and from here one can get a very clear view of Lele Village in the valley.

Hidden Gems! 

1. Lele Valley can also be reached by mountain bike via trails that run down from east of Chapagaon, from Badikhel side. Badikhel itself is connected to Chapagaon, so it is a good round trip if one is in Chapagaon.

When to go 

Winters(October-April) are highly recommended months to visit the valley. The weather at this time is pleasant and dry. Avoid monsoons as the trail and trek become unsafe. There is nothing like planning the trip early morning and getting back before sunset.

How to reach 

Around 2 kms down the valley from Chapagaon is a small place called 'Bhaga Ban' from where you have a couple of options to proceed further.The western route that goes across Bhagmati river is one of the best routes. The landmark to the valley from this route is the 'Tika Bhairab Mandir' which is almost on the other side of the mountain and is difficult to miss. East to the temple is Lele kunda, a sacred pool, that paves way to the valley which is around 2 kms down the trail.

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Useful Trivia


1. If you are trekking or mountain biking, carry a torch and extra batteries. Water, some snacks and a few chocolates are advised to be carried as well.


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