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Lhuentse Dzong from a distanceChorten below Lhuentse DzongThe colorful flag linesLhuentseA green life


Once in Mongar, another 3-3.5 hours drive and one lands on the land of kings and few of the rarest pilgrimages. The place is worth a visit, not because it sweeps you away from the crowded cities, but because one can experience the nature in its unadulterated form.
The place succeeds in attracting most of the travelers because along with its beauty and remote location, it provides sacred temples to pay homage at, mountains to do trekking, dense forests with challenging trails, melodious rivers, and as an icing on the cake, it produces very high quality handicrafts. The textile industry here is known as the nation's best. The scene of women sitting together- weaving, doing embroidery, making baskets, giving touches to the dresses, inspire the photographers to come up with their master-pieces.

Hidden Gems! 

1. The ruins of the age old bridge, deep down in the valley and right before the river takes a turn, is one of the rarest sight.
2. There is also one way cycle trek from Lhuentse to Mongar which is around 78 kms.

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1. Do Not drive during nights as the roads have steep ups and downs with a few dangerous curves.
2. he place is not suitable for night stay as one will not be able to find appropriate hotels.

Local Shopping 

Hand woven clothes with pure and original embroidery - depicting the nature, the temples, scenery, rivers, animals, birds and the hidden thoughts of your mind all definitely make for a worthy buy.

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