Lhuentse Dzongfort/palace

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Lhuentse Dzong from a distanceChorten below Lhuentse Dzong


Lhuentse Dzong - a fort that accommodates around 100 monks is identified by its unique entry, which is marked by wavering flags on the stone clad path. Built on a hill, the dzong is an administrative and religious center of the district. The eastern side of the Kuri Chhu river is dedicated to this Buddhist Monastery. Being located at the end of a narrow valley, it succeeds in attracting a good number of travelers. The places has five beautiful temples situated at its heart. An adjoining village, Khoma, is rich in silk embroidery and one can experience the scene of live weaving there.

Hidden Gems! 

1. Hand woven silk embroidered clothes and dresses from Khoma are a must buy. The place is exceptionally rich in handicrafts.

When to go 

Months from February-October are the bests months for a visit to this place.

How to reach 

Once in Lheuntse, the Dzong is around 4-5 kms. The land mark for this place is the flag-stone-paved path.

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