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In very simple words, Maldives is an absolute traveler’s paradise. It looks like a lot of small specs on a giant blue screen - located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and made up of a cluster of 1192 islands which are part of 26 atolls. 97 islands of this country are purely resort islands which cater to every need of a traveler.

Maldives is rich in culture and the capital city of Male is a perfect example. This archipelago with its swaying palm trees, tropical climate, white sandy beaches and crystal clear water was rightly described by Marco Polo as “The flower of the Indies”.
In Maldives one can relax on the beach and dive into the abyss of the ocean in a same day. It is a destination for all, a traveler can have an easy going vacation or the most adventure packed holiday - you can stay on a resort with an option of going on a cruise on a live-aboard. The activities that one can engage in vary from simple water sports to scuba diving to "surfari" where you chase the waves as they come.

The marine life in Maldives can amaze you with not just its beauty but with heart stopping thrills of swimming with sharks & stingrays. One can go on day trips to explore the unoccupied islands or the underwater world of marine life & caves.

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Useful Trivia


1. Maldives is a Muslim country therefore, it is advised to be appropriately dressed i.e. Women to have shoulders & thighs covered and shorts for men are acceptable while you are visiting Male.
2. While visiting certain mosques - apart from being dressed appropriately, it is also important to have permission from the Ministry of Islamic affairs. Entry is not open to non-Muslims.
3. Alcohol is not available locally but the resorts and liveaboards have necessary licenses to serve alcohol. The alcohol here is sold at really high mark ups though.
4. The local currency is Maldivian rufiyaa, if you plan to spend all your time at the resort utilizing the services provided by them then there is no need to exchange the currency from USD as resorts services are priced in USD. It is advisable to have some local currency though, in case you plan to visit Male or other inhabited atolls.
5. Maldives is expensive in terms of resort cost and other excursion costs. All services carry a 10% service charge. It is still customary to tip at restaurants.
6. It is a must to try local cuisines at the hotaa which are the small cafes found in Male.
7. There are no diseases that one needs to be careful about in Maldives. As it is a diving and beach destination it is advised to drink a lot of water, use sun screen & ensure you find shade once in a while when you are out. The main health issues that one encounter are heat strokes, sun burns, dive & sun related injuries.


1. If you do not have necessary permissions to enter the mosques, it is advisable not to try to talk your way in.
2. Carrying your own liquor from another country is strictly prohibited.
3. Do not drink tap water or buy any unbottled drinks from the local markets.
4. Do not eat raw or less cooked fish from the local markets - especially fishes like red snapper, grouper, amberjack, sea bass etc as they contain poisonous biotoxins.
5. It is illegal to export things like turtle shells, parrotfish, lobster, triton shell and pearl oyster.

Local Shopping 

One can shop for local artifacts while visiting Male or other inhabited islands. The main places to shop are Majeedhee Magu and Chaandanee Magu in Male. There are things like crafted miniature dhoni (boat) and thudu kuna i.e. a mat woven from natural fibers that one can buy as souvenirs.

We hope that we have been of help in finding the required info for Maldives.

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Happy journey!
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