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The 1km wide and 1.7 km long island of Male' (pronounced Maal-ey), bustles with urban life and a colorful skyline It is the capital city of Maldives and all important administrative offices and other major infrastructure of Maldives is found on this island. 6 divisions comprise the city, 4 of which are located on the Male' island, 1 is a nearby island and another is an artificial island. Hulhule island is part of Male' and has the Male' International airport located on it.

In the ancient times, Male' was home to the royal family. It was a fortified city with its royal palace and the palace royals. Under the rule of President Ibrahim Nasir however, the entire island was redeveloped and most of the old structures related to Royal family were destroyed as well. If you wish to witness the Maldivian way of life then Male' is the perfect place.

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