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If there is a city nurturing utmost diversity, it is Mumbai. The capital of Maharashtra and financial capital of the country, Mumbai is a true representative and is the heart of India. From poverty to richness, from heritage to modernization and from work to recreation, this city has a place for everyone and everything. With a thriving human load of 15 million people, Mumbai appears to hardly provide space for breathing. Undoubtedly then, it is a city, never put to rest and also the busiest.

For an ordinary tourist, Mumbai has an extraordinary experience to offer, not in terms of monuments, forts and temples, though these are an inherent part of the city; but in terms of lifestyle. Over the years, the city has mushroomed with great business centers, ports and educational institutions amidst a cosmopolitan atmosphere. From parks, gardens, temples, mosques, churches, shopping malls, beaches, theaters, night clubs, eateries to language, the city has uniqueness in everything! Railways are the 'lifeline' of Mumbai and many consider it a challenge to travel by these. Indian Film Industry has laid its heart in Mumbai and it is home to most of the actors of Bollywood.
Visitors to Mumbai must also never miss having delicious local specialties like Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji. And all this comes with a taste of the trendy 'Mumbaiya' language.

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1. History snippet: When Prince Charles wedded Princess Catherine in 1661, the entire city of Mumbai was given as dowry to the Prince!

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