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Nepal is not only the country of Mt. Everest, but is also a proud owner of the eight out of the ten world's highest mountains. This beautiful nation is located between India and China. Being a home to Himalayas, Nepal offers one of the most fertile soils one will ever find. Surrounded by snow clad mountains, lush green valleys, highly dense forests, calm lakes, challenging treks and innocent people, Nepal becomes one of the 'must visiting place' more than once in life. The capital city, Kathmandu, which is also the largest metro city here, offers everything that a traveler would wish for.

Though simple in its lifestyle, Nepal has got few of the finest works of art and architecture. The temples are still preserved with their antique beauty, the statues and stupas are shielded well so that they do not get spoiled with time, the monuments, palaces and the forts still sing the history and the traditionalism of the culture is still breathing.

Apart from the built and the preserved beauty to see around, Nepal offers so much to do as well. One can test himself at various levels, starting from sky-diving to river rafting, rock climbing to skiing, trekking to bungee jumping, paragliding to Kayaking, and from Motorbiking to traveling on feet. It has just so much stored in its heart that one can forget his corporate life and can stay here forever and beyond.
The people of Nepal usually follow Hinduism. Being the birth place of Gautam Buddha, Buddhism is also followed with great dedication. But one gets amused and amazed at the innocence of the people when sees them following both the religions together. For one, they are unable to draw a line between both the religions and end up mixing Hinduism and Buddhism.
The concept of 'Ethnic-Tourism' is gaining a rapid momentum in Nepal. It is believed by the ministry departments that the natural beauty over-shadows the cultural beauty, barring the tourists from being one with the nation. To strengthen the traditions and culture, and to make the local people feel 'not-neglected', the focus has shifted to Ethnic tourism. And this has been done in a very creative way, by introducing many challenging treks like Numbur Cheese Circuit, Helambu Trek, Tamang Heritage Trail, that pass through the heritage villages, living histories, bright culture and blind beliefs.
Nepal can easily be called as 'everybody's dream', because it carries the magic to melt a person into its color so well that one forgets what his mood was when he first stepped into the nation. And when a person steps out, he feels himself married to this beautiful country.

Hidden Gems! 

1) During the months of April-May and October-November, there comes a unique sight of people hanging from the cliffs, as high as 400 meters sometimes, to harvest wild and delicious honey. This is a tradition passed onto generations that is still preserved and respected. This particular lot of honey is believed to do miracles to health and is therefore costlier than usual.
2) People in Nepal believed that death was actually visible and was embraced by people and celebrated.
3)Nepali classical music is so well organized and deep-rooted that its traces are found in 7th century inscriptions.

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Useful Trivia


1) Carry 2 passport size photographs if planning to get VISA at the entry.
2) You will have to pay a toll of Nepalese Rs 120/- everyday for crossing the border and Rs 50/- ONE TIME as the travel permit. Make sure you carry these documents as they can be demanded anywhere, anytime by the local police.
3) If planning to hire a bike for travel, make sure you check the amount of damage on the bike, and report to the owner beforehand. Many a times, the owners blame the traveler for the damage and shell out quite a lot of 'compensation money' from his pocket. In case that happens, do contact the local police instead of paying for something that you have not done.
4)If traveling on bike, make sure you fill your gallon with fuel, as petrol is still a matter of concern in Nepal. Many a times the travelers are seen pushing their bikes due to the lack of gas.
5) Be a volunteer in Nepal in helping the locals, teaching them a few words of English(as the craze to learn English is expanding these days) and in picking up any wrapper or plastic that strikes you eye. With this you will not only win the respect of the local people, but will enjoy the honest hospitality and gratuity.
6)Carry and drink only mineral water while in Nepal. Even brush you teeth with mineral water. The diseases like Diarrhea are still very common and the water is not safe for drinking.
7) Before visiting Nepal, consult you doctor and be prepared with the medicines for the local/seasonal diseases in tropical regions.
8) Stay away from Monkeys all over in Nepal, as their bites and even saliva is dangerous. Seek doctors help if fallen into any such situation(even with dogs and cats).
9) Accept tea whenever and wherever offered. It is dis-respect to decline the offer of tea by any of the local, and on the contrary, a matter of very high respect if you accept their offer.
10) If traveling by car, make sure you carry an international license. You will have to pay heavy custom duty, and please note that the cars more than 5 years of age are not given entry in Nepal.


1) 500/- Indian rupee note is NOT accepted in Nepal. Other than that, Indian currency, US dollars and Nepalese currency is widely accepted.
2) Do not use you left hand to greet somebody or while offering something to anybody as the left hand is considered unclean and a mark of disrespect.
3)Do not flaunt you wealth or jewellery, not because of the fear of being robbed(which is not even common in Nepal), but out of the respect for the simplicity and non-materialistic nature of the local people.
4) Do not point you feet to anybody, especially while seated as this is considered dis-respect.
5) Do not circumnavigate anti-clock-wise around any temple, stupa, or any other religious place. It is considered unholy and is supposed to bring bad luck.
6) DO NOT FORGET to carry a spoon or fork of your own as at many places you will not be offered the cutlery and will have to eat with bare hands.

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