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Nuwakot is one of the 75 districts of Nepal and is rich representation of the Nepal culture. Surrounded by 9 beautiful forts, Nuwakot is drenched in greenery and beauty. This region has got a lot of historical importance and has many historical places like the Nuwakot Palace and Devighat.

Nuwakot is slowly getting acknowledged for its Nuwakot festival which aims at making visitors aware of the historical and cultural values of the region. Nuwakot also has some beautiful and magnificent sceneries and peaks of the region.
Apart from this, town of Nuwakot invites people from outside for help with education in the area. Many NGOs visit here to support the budding nerve of education.

Hidden Gems! 

1. Trisuli River offers opportunities for river rafting, with some easy stages. One can play around a little if there is time on hand.

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1. Avoid rainy seasons, as during rains the buses do not take you upto the village. You find yourself dropped at Trisuli Bazaar, from where the only option is to walk 5 kms to reach the village.

Local Shopping 

The cane items here are worth buying. It is little difficult to carry cane chairs or tables, although they are beautiful. But you can carry small cane baskets, trays, pen stands and other such amazing items.

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