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Also known as Gangteng Valley, it is a U shaped glacial valley which is famed for the Black-necked cranes that visit this valley in late October to mid-February from Tibetan plateau. Gangteng monastery is another impressive feature on this valley. Crane festival is hosted in the winter months to welcome the Black-necked cranes. Its a scenic valley with marshlands is a sanctuary for 13 endangered species in 163 sq km protected area.

Hidden Gems! 

1. Bhutan Tourism promotes many treks in the valley which usually last for upto 3 days.
2. There is a nice off-road trail that leads down into the valley. This is an info for the daring traveler who might be willing to even cough up a fine if they are caught!
The trail leads down into the valley, close to the black necked cranes and the wild horses, a truly divine experience away from the sodium of the normal tourist world.

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