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Rajasthan, literally meaning ‘The Land of Kings’ contributes greatly to India’s pride of being a culturally rich nation. The state of Rajasthan is the largest in the country, some of whose area is deserted and the rest of which is enlivened by unforgettable historic impressions. The state has India’s highest tourism potential, in considering attractions for historians, devotees, artisans, animal lovers, bird watchers and almost every other eye!

The state is recognized for being the land of earliest human civilization, called Indus Valley Civilization. World’s oldest mountains, the 800 km long Aravalli Ranges have attracted immense attention for study of geographical and archaeological impressions. The Aravalli ranges nurture Rajasthan’s sole hill station, Mount Abu peaking high at 1,722m.

During the 6th century, Rajasthan was being largely explored and dominated by Rajputs. These brave and powerful rulers setup the Rajput Kingdom and ruled in the state for several centuries. Much of Rajasthan’s living glory in the form of forts, monuments, temples, havelis, art and culture is attributed to commissioning and creation by Rajputana Dynasty. Mughals, Marathas and Muslims also find place in Rajasthan’s history of war and invasion.

Architectural highlights of the state are evident from superb creation of monolithic marble temples dedicated to Jain gods, with innumerable carvings and designs. Adinatha Temple of Ranakpur built with endless intricacy in marble, was nominated as one amongst the 77 wonders of the world.

The ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur is called so for being abundant in monuments created in pink marble. The Great Indian Desert – Thar Desert is sparsely occupied by humans; Bikaner being the largest town in the desert. Rajasthan also has several palaces including Lake Palace, City Palace, Havelis in Jaisalmer, etc some of which are being used as heritage hotels to provide services in a unique historical setting.

The state is also home to 2 nationally recognized Tiger Reserves, namely Ranthambore and Sariska National Parks. The Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary and National park has attracted many bird-watchers, to take glimpses of the rarest native and migratory species thriving in their natural habitat. Art, in Rajasthan has gained world famous popularity not only in monumental expressions, but also through creations of mirror work, furniture, mehandi designs, wood-craft, etc. Rajasthanis or Marwaris as they are popularly known have given traditional feel to attires as is seen in ghagras, chaniya cholis and lehengas. Most relished by visitors is the Rajasthani cuisine, comprising a variety of spicy and sweet dishes.

Thus, Rajasthan offers a hearty treat to all its visitors by introducing them to imposing historical past, marvelous creation, cultural heritage and thriving artistic excellence.

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