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Formerly known as Murumdeo Fort, this citadel is placed on Murum Hill of Shayadri Mountains at a distance of 35 km to the south of Pune. Under the reign of Nizamshah and Adil Shah, the fort was termed Murumdeo, but was changed to Rajgarh Fort in 1648 after being captured by Shivaji Maharaj. The fort, constructed in Deccan style architecture is located at a height of 1300 meters. Four gates of the fort are called Gunjavane, Pali, Alu and Kaleshwari (Dindi). The three traces which were important sites of activities are termed: Sanjivani, Suleva and Padmvati. One can find ruins of arsenal, temples, granaries, water tanks, residential buildings and state offices inside the fort. Shivaji spent a lengthy period of his life in this fort, his second daughter was born here. This fort was also one of the 12 forts that Shivaji kept when he signed the Treaty of Purandar with the Rajput king Jai Singh in 1665 who was leading the Mughal forces. 22 other forts were released to the Mughals under this treaty.

Rajgarh, formely known as Murumdeo was earlier under control of Nizamshahi and Adilshahi rulers.By 1648AD it came under strong control of Shivaji, who gave the name Rajgarh,the king's fort and it remained the pre-coronation capital of Shivaji for around 25 years.

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