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Ras Mancha TempleRas Mancha TempleRas Mancha TempleRas Mancha TempleRas Mancha Temple


Ras Mancha (meaning a stage for dances) is a famous attraction located in Bishnupur. The monument was built by Bir Hambir, a Malla King to celebrate the Ras festival. During this festival, all deities from nearby temples were brought here. The monument was also used to stage dances every evening to celebrate scenes from the Krishna Leela. Nowadays the annual festival has been shifted to the nearby grounds near the temple of Goddess Durga.

The massive building was built in between the years of 1557 – 1600 A.D. The red brick structure of the building is in the form of a pyramid summit which is built upon a roomy platform. The foundation of the structure is 1.5 meters high with each side measuring 24.5 meters and rising to a height of 11 meters. It consists of a single chamber with an elongated tower which is surrounded by hut-shaped turrets. The masterpiece has 108 doorways and houses some large ancient cannons which date back to the Malla dynasty.

The masterpiece is maintained by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) which provides special illumination facilities to conserve the fragile terracotta crafts. The entrance to this monument would cost Rs. 5 per head. This building is located near the Archaeological Museum, which is also an interesting place to visit.

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