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Sakteng wildlife sanctuary is the only sanctuary that was established to protect a mythical snowman called 'Yeti' or 'Migoi'. This mythical creature is not seen, ever, by the tourists but the locals claim to have seen it and its footprints multiple times. This snowman is believed to have supernatural powers of getting invisible.
The sanctuary covers an are of more than 650 sq. kms and is populated with umpteen flora and fauna. The alpine meadows, the broad-leaf trees, Bhutan's nationa flowers, Rhododendrons, Blue poppy flowers, gentiana, Blue pine and the rarest flower called primulas that fills the spring season with all possible colours.
The sanctuary has many amazing breeds of animals and birds like barking deer, red panda, snow leopard, blood pheasant, Himalayan red fox, grey headed woodpecker, Assamese Macow and many more that people just happen to read in books.

Hidden Gems! 

1. This sanctuary is home to the semi-nomadic tribe, Brokpas, who are not very keen to interact with travelers. Don't messss weeth me or I keek your buttt they say. Well, not really, but keen they indeed are not.

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Please carry you camera and keep its shutters lifted as sometimes one comes across a very rare sight and only for the split of a second (may be Yeti, who knows!:))


Travellers are not allowed to walk into certain parts of the forest area, usually the deeper parts- for safety purpose and also due to sentimental values of the locals. So please cross check with the local guides and people before treading into the forests.

Local Shopping 

If found, pick up few CORDICEPS leaves from the forest as they are believed to carry miraculous medicinal properties.

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