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Shivapuri National Park was established in 1976 in the buffer zone of Shivpuri village which lies on the Shivapuri peak. Shivapuri peak is the second highest peak of all the peaks in the Kathmandu valley with an altitude of 2732 metres. Shivpuri National Park houses a variety of flora and fauna and number of medicinal herbs have been identified here.

The place has its own natural aroma. Sloth Bear, Leopard, Muntjac, Pallas's Cat, Large Indian Civet, Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten, Indian Pangolin, Wild Boar, Goral, Indian Porcupine and Common Langur are few of the many animal species found here. Adhering to the statistics, there are 177 species of birds including 9 endangered, 150 species of butterflies some endemic and rare, 19 species of mammals, 800 species of birds etc are found here.

There are a plenty of mountainbiking routes in here that ignite all your hidden biking and rallying nerves. There are around 13 trekking routes as well, all of which offer absolutely different experience. The longest trekking route is of 22 filling kilometers.

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1. Do not hike or trek alone especially when sunset is nearing.
2. Carry a map of the park before you enter into it.
3. Carry enough water and chocolates if picking the longer treks.
4. Torch and extra batteries are advised as well.


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