Sigiriyaworld heritage site

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A little of repair being done.A little of repair being done.The paws guiding the fortress.Respect the hard work they put into here.And up and up and up.


The city is a beautiful maze of reservoirs, gardens and other structures along with an ancient rock fortress and palace ruins. Sigiriya is also famous for its frescos. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1982. This magnificent complex was built in 5th century BC by King Kashyapa. After the King's death this abandoned complex was used as a Buddhist monastery till the 14th century. The complex is very well planned and elaborately laid out. Both, the man made structures and the natural forms, look in harmony with each other. The Sigiriya Rock is the whole complex. It includes the rock, gardens, the lion platform, frescos, mirror wall and the summit.

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