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With the span of 21 kms east to west and 7 kms north to south, this World Heritage site is an important as it is a biodiversity hotspot. This hilly rainforest is quite inaccessible which worked to its advantage as it discourage commercial logging. Every inch of this rainforest is teaming with life. The best way to access the reserve is from the Kudawa conservation center managed by the department of forest conservation. The route is from Colombo to Kalawana and finally Kudawa. The common large mammal which is easily visible and endemic is the Purple faced Langur.

It is also a paradise for hikers and bird watchers. A fascinating fact about the birds here is that they move in mixed feeding flocks. All of the 20 rainforest Sri Lankan native species are found in this forest.
For hikers, Mulawella and Sinhagala nature trails start from Kudawa. The Pitadeinya conservation center, in the southern part of the reserve, has a trail going up to Pathan Oya falls.

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