Sri Dalada Maligawabuddhist temple

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A decorated storey of the temple.The ceiling of the temple.Flowers as the offering.Reflection in the water.Statues at the temple.


More famously known as the Sacred Temple of the Tooth, it houses the Tooth relic of Buddha. Along with Diyawadana, Nilame monks from the monastic establishments of Malwatta, and Asgiriya, are the three custodians of the sacred Tooth Relic. The shrine for the Relic is two storey high, it put on a gold lotus flower and then placed on a throne. In front, there are two magnificent elephant tusks. Adjacent to the temple is Pattiripuwa tower which was originally a prison but currenly houses palm leaf manuscripts. Temple compound also houses the King's palace. The exterior of the temple is simple and elegant but the interior is decorated with wood & ivory and is beautifully carved. Esala Perahara takes place in the compound of the temple every year.

Hidden Gems! 

1) Monks only from Malawate and Asgiriya have the right to worship in the inner chambers of the temple.
2) On Wednesdays, the sacred tooth relic is bathed with a holy water prepared from the rarest of the herbs, scented water and aromatic flowers. After bathing the tooth relic, the water is distributed amongst the people. It is believed that the water contains super healing powers.
3)This temple has been affected badly multiple times by bombing, but every time it was restored fully to its earlier glory and beauty.

When to go 

Wednesdays are the perfect days to visit here if you want to be blessed with a few drops of the holy water prepared to bath the sacred tooth relic.
During April, New year festival is celebrated here with great pomp and show. Months of June, July and August are also the months of festivals, though July observes the Grand Annual Pageant.

How to reach 

Sri Dalada Maligawa is situated in Kandy, across A26 KMP highway. It lies close to the Kandy Lake, alias Artificial Lake. Around 400 meters from Queen's Hotel Junction, turn left from Queen' bath and you will see the temple right on your face.
If coming by train from Colombo, The temple lies just 2 kms from the railway station. You can either board a local bus, or can hire an auto-rickshaw.
If comfortable, try walking down to the temple as you will see so many things around that you might miss in a bus.

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Useful Trivia


1) Wear skirts covering knees and tops covering shoulders. This place maintains a decorum that they expect the tourists to follow.
2) Any kind of head gear is prohibited at this place.


1) The place has undergone many renovations and a hard core efforts are made to keep it well-maintained. So respect the place and do not litter around.

Local Shopping 

One can buy books on Buddha and Buddhism here. Apart from that Local souvenir shops attract the attention with small colourful things.

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