Sri Lanka

When to go to Sri Lanka

General Info 

Sri Lanka is a country of warm tropical climate where the ocean influences the dry and wet season. The country is divided into two parts on the basis of the two monsoons (Maha and Yala) which it sees during the year. The north-east region sees the Maha monsoon in the months of October to January with dry season in the months of May to September. The Yala monsoon hits the south-west region in the months from May to August with the dry season in December to March.
The ideal season to visit the hill country and west-south coast is from December to March. East coast and the ancient cities are best during the April to September months.

How to reach Sri Lanka

General Info 

There are about 81 countries (Reference: whose citizens can obtain Tourist Visa for Sri Lanka upon arrival which is valid for 30 days of stay; travelers requires two passport size photos, return air ticket and sufficient funds in the bank. For better understanding of the process and fees you can visit
Any country which is not mentioned in the list needs its citizens to obtain visa prior to arrival in Sri Lanka, no matter what be the purpose of the visit. The travelers can extend their visa at the Department of Immigration in Colombo.

(Update on May 27, 2011: Sri Lankan govt. has scrapped the visa on arrival for all countries except Singapore and Maldives. Please update your travel plans accordingly. Reference:

Reaching By Sea
Sri Lanka is not connected with any country through any sea liners or ferry services. There are talks between India and Sri Lanka to start ferry lines but current there are none available. There are cruise liners that one can take from certain countries which include Sri Lanka in their itineraries. The Zegrahm Expeditions is an American cruise operator which has Sri Lanka included. The Sri Lanka Cruises offer cruises between Cochin (India) and Colombo (Sri Lanka).

By Air 

The best way to travel to Sri Lanka is by air; all major airlines connect Sri Lanka with the rest of the world. The Sri Lankan Airlines is the national carrier of Sri Lanka and has both international as well as domestic connections. The Bandaranaike International Airport is located on the outskirts of Colombo. The airport is well connected with Colombo by taxi, train & bus service.

By Train 

By Road 

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