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Srinagar is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, located at an altitude of 5500 feet, tourism forms a huge part of its economy. Being reigned by several Dynasties including Dogras, Mughals, Sikhs and British, Srinagar in Kashmir expresses influence of each of these in the forms of monuments, gardens, temples and mosques. Lying along the banks of Indus tributary - Jhelum, amidst greenery and mountains, Srinagar is a popular tourist destination.

Amongst popular lakes are the Dal, Wullar and Nagin Lakes which offer unique services of ferries and house boats of Victorian Era. Several gardens function as picnic spots including Shalimar Bagh, Chashma Shahi Garden, Harwan Bagh and Char Chinar. There are several mosques in Srinagar built during the Mughal Reign forming a major part of the city's skyline. Sangin Darwaza and Kathi Darwaza are two popular entrances into the Fort. These apart, Pari Mahal, Shakaracharya Temple, SPS Museum and Gurudwara are noteworthy places of visit. Essentially the world-famous Gulmarg Hill station is a few kilometers away from Srinagar and it houses the world’s highest skiing spot and golf course. A large number of tourists engage in winter sports at this spot. The city is especially famous for dry fruits and Kashmiri handicrafts including shawls and embroidered dress materials. Srinagar thus forms an important location of visit in a tourist's itinerary for North India.

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