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Tansen is a small town in Palpa district of Western Nepal and a budding hill station. The town has narrow streets full of Newari shops which are known for their art and craft products. The town is paradise for those who would like to explore it by walking through the streets enjoying the panoramic beauty, romantic climate and rich culture of the people here.

There is a lot of rich history associated with this town. Especially related to the exploits of Magar Kings and of Tansen being the capital of their Tanahun kingdom. One one can easily get to know more about it from the local people. There are many view points and some excellent walk routes to the nearby villages. Amar Narayan Temple, Bhagwati Temple and Tansen Palace are some important attractions that you would not like to miss here.

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Dhaka cloth and Palpali brass wares are the two famous items of this region.

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