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Trashigang (also spelled as Tashigang sometimes), is housed in the eastern side of Bhutan with Drangme-chu flowing below it. It is one of those few places of Bhutan that is used to foreigners and was once blessed with few Canadian teachers who used to, well, teach here.
It is the center of trade and market, which once was on peak with Tibet and which is the primary market of the semi-nomadic people of Merak and Sakteng. The place is blessed with many sites and temples. The picturesque site of Gamri-chu river, The Gomphu Kora temple, the holy rock( that promises to give you the same parents in the next birth if you manage to climb it) are just to name a few. Trashigang has around 20 cafes within easy reach all over the town.

Hidden Gems! 

1. Once past the Kori La pass, the road passes through a bunch of interesting hairpin bends called Yadi loops. This is a pretty scenic and beautiful drive.

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There is a campaign going on to regain the cleanliness of this beautiful town, so little bit of extra care should be taken while dumping the wrappers or plastic bottles.

Local Shopping 

The beautiful Hand woven Yak hair hats are a must buy here. The village Pasaphu in Trimshing district is famous for hand woven cane baskets and the other cane products.

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