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Trashiyangtse (sometimes spelled as Tashiyangtse) is a district that has been given birth out of Trashigang district, sometime in the early 90s. The new settlement is growing rapidly, close to the Chorten Kora.
Being a new district, is covers up the remoteness and flaws that the old districts face. It is not inhabited by one particular community, but we can find multiple communities and languages here. It,obviously, lacks historical background and is not that rich in the antique architecture. Resting on the side of a small river, Kulong Chhu, in a deep valley, the place makes a wonderful spot for resting or a memorable walk by the banks of the river. It is also the most convenient getaway for Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh on the Indian side.

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The place is known for engraved wooden bowls and cups which are used for serving food. These wooden bowls and cups, and also containers etc, made from avocado and maple wood(with water driven and treadle lathes), wares(both local made and imported) are worth buying.

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