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Outside view from fardzong from outsideDzong viewYangkhil ResorTrongsa dzong


Trongsa, which lies in the central part of Bhutan, lies at 2300 m i.e at 7600 feet. This side of Central Bhutan was originally built in 1648, and was home to the royal family to all four kings of Bhutan. Trongsa, being the center, enabled better seat for the kings to hold eastern and western Bhutan.
It is famous for the breathtaking scenic valleys and the bamboos grown with the yaks grazing through the trimmed bamboos and rhododendron ( name given to a flower rose over a woody plant) ,and is quite beautiful. Trongsa is believed to be sacred and is the first district to come up. People here follow Buddhism , most people living in the areas would be monks and you would hear the chimes of the ritual bells and the fluttering prayer flags all over which creates a spiritual kind of environment .There are famous destinations which can be explored through like Trongsa dzong , Ta dzong , Thruepang palace, Chendebji Chorten etc.

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