Unawatuna Beachbeach

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A temple on the beach.Three monks against the white sea.A guesthouse right on the beach.A boat guiding and protecting your dives.A crab native of the beach.


Unawatuna, a beach painted clear blue, is situated on a bay with hills in clear visibility. It is one of those places that have managed to protect themselves from the environmental adulteration. Unawatuna means "fell down". It is said that in Ramayana, when Hanuman was carrying the mountain of herbs to Ram, a chunk of it fell and that is where Unawatuna stands. It is considered as one of the top 12 beaches in the world, hence attracts a lot of travellers. It has beautiful golden sand beach of about 4 kms, lined with houses and hermitages. It is an amazing experience to see human beings and superior beings living so close without effecting each others priorities. The palms bordering the shores and shells dotting the sand brings out a hidden photographer in every being. Apart from that, one can do multiple things here, ranging from diving to snorkeling, fishing to whale watching, going for a peaceful boat ride to swimming. If not an outdoorsy, you can just sit with a book on the shore, occasionally watching people going crazy with so many options at hand. The diving center offers great opportunities.

Hidden Gems! 

1)Turtles are still seen coming out to lay eggs on the shore. If lucky, you might come across a turtle, confused and tensed, to see so many people invading her territory. People there say that sometimes the turtles are seen inside the hotels and houses, probably not aware that the civilization has densed up.
2) The beach provides shallow waters for swimming; the water being healthy as it is protected by reefs.

When to go 

The best months to visit Unawatuna are from mid August- early October as the weather is pleasantly warm and dry. Though during these months, the hotel prices go unfairly up due to a good traffic of travelers.
If not a hot-weather-beach type of person, you can visit during early December and mid February- mid May. The weather is not that hot and you will find thin population with cheaper hotel prices.
Months of June- early August should be avoided due extreme hot weather and occasional rainfall.

How to reach 

Unwatuna is 150 kms from Colombo. If hiring a cab, it is a journey of 3 hours and is not advised due to high price they charge (probably in thousands).
From Colombo, you can either take the Matara train up till Galle, which takes the same amount of time, but with additional advantages like, ocean view, comfortable journey and just Rs 220/-. From Galle, you can take an autorickshaw (for another Rs 250/-), but we would advise you to board a local bus (Rs 15/-). Unawatuna is just ten minutes away from Galle.
Third option from Colombo is, Aircon Mini Buses. They take the same amount of time and the charges are same as train.

Though Unawatana is stretched across 4 kms but the real happening Unawatan lies inside 'Route A2 Galle-Matara main road'. From a Village 'Yaddehimulla', take the pocket road just before the '123 km' post. Another one kilometer and you are on the land of beauty.

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Useful Trivia


1)Carry sunscreen of at least 50 SPF, if travelling during hot months.
2) A pair of sunglasses, a hot and a bottle of water is something you can not do without at this place.
3) Carry Binoculars if you want to be a part of the activities going on a few kms into the sea.

Local Shopping 

There are so many souvenir shops at the beach. You can get a wide range of antique jewellery, kurtas, skirts, hats, bags and other such items. These things might cost you a little extra than a common market, but you can buy them as a token of remembrance of your wonderful experience.

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