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Western Bhutan is the region that welcomes the tourists and also waves them good byes. Being a better developed part, Western Bhutan attracts the maximum number of people, few of them limiting their trip only to this region. It acts as a mini nation in itself as all its corners are differently decorated. It does not end here when people call it as 'home of valleys'; it is also the proud owner of some of the most challenging treks of Bhutan. Valleys like Paro valley, Thimpu valley, Haa valley, with rivers snaking along the treks, are a complete trip in themselves. The treks to Jhomolhari, Laya, Gasa and the most challenging one to Tsonpatra are beyond comparison. It also houses few of the most ancient and the most beautiful Dzongs that are bordered with lush green forests. It is known as the favorite place for the photographers, as its beauty produces the rarest of the master pieces. Most of the houses, designed in antique way, are built on the river banks.

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While in Bhutan, Do not return without buying 'Kira' -the local dress.
And of course, do not forget the silk clothes with embroidery done by the local people.

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