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Maldives is made more of water than of land and the best way to explore the beautiful underwater world is through the Whale Submarine. The submarine is not for watching whales but is just named so.

The submarine is state of the art and can take you up to the depths of 120ft under water. During it's 45 minutes dive, it takes you down to be witness to the gorgeous coral gardens and water-life flourishing in the Maldives lagoons. The first of the sub is at a depth of around 75 ft (25 mt) and you can see the corals around with all the multi-colored fish swimming around. The final stop is at the depth of 120 ft (40 mt) and is usually next to an under-water cave, if the currents permit. On the night dives or if you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a manta ray, shark or a grouper.

Hidden Gems! 

1. The submarine hardly moves much distance horizontally (usually a few hundred meters at max) but starts the vertical dive almost immediately. One does not realize it though.
2. Sit on the front left side when the dive starts for the best views.
3. There are indicators at the front and back of the sub which show the depth you are at (in feet), though they are not marked very well.

When to go 

The submarine does a dive everyday every 90 minutes from 9 am to 8 pm. You need to do a booking first which you can do either with your resort/tour operator or book directly with the Whale Submarine.
The fare is 75 US $ per adult and 38 US $ per child.

How to reach 

You need to be at Jetty No. 1 (marked in the map) 30 minutes before your slotted dive time. A contact person would be available there (usually without any visible identification referring to Whale Submarine) who would take you to the Whale house which is the submarine dry dock. The dive starts from here.

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