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World's End, as rightly named, is one of those very few corners of the world that do not let you walk another step ahead. Situated in Horton Plains National Park, this point takes you to the world where one can see nothing but eternal blankness in front of his eyes. The steep quick drop at this place for thousands of meters awes a spectator, heightening the respect for the mighty-mysterious nature. Flushed with green colour all around, World's End offers the most spectacular view in Sri Lanka, as it is highest gap here.
Journey to World's end leads through the lush green plantations, many wild animals, dreaming daffodils and the tricky treks. Everything around looks so surreal that one feels as if he has jumped into 'Alice in Wonderland' team. The place is exceptionally quiet with occasional music gifted to the birds and leaves.
The crimson sunrise, misty afternoons, pleasant rainbowed evenings and the orange trail left by the Sun after it sets, brings out all the hidden poetry even from a prosaic heart.

Hidden Gems! 

1) There are two world's end, with a difference of half-a-mile. The bigger one is more beautiful than the smaller one, but both have something different and unique in them.
2) It is believed by Sri-Lankans that the place is blessed by the almighty. One who visits this place before 2012, will not be affected/harmed during the 'real end of the world' and will be one of the few lucky survivors.
3) This is the only national park in Sri Lanka that allows to go ahead without any assistance or guide, though only on the prescribed and marked trails.

When to go 

Mornings are the best time to be here as the sky is clear as crystal and the view is painted with dew around. One can even steal a glimpse of 50 miles away Indian Ocean. Hence-after, mist starts its journey to this place blocking even the closest of the views. Sunsets are beautiful as well, but it gets dark while returning and with wild animals around, it is not safe to walk back at late hours.
January to early April are the best months to visit this place.

How to reach 

The direct walk to the World's End from the Horton Plains National Park is only of 4 kms. But if not in hurry, detour a bit and branch off towards Baker's falls which is just couple of kms away. You can either return to the same point and continue your trek, or go ahead from Baker's Fall for another 3ish kms to rejoin the trail to the World's End. This luxurious trek might end up taking 3-4 hours of your time. So, if planning to do this, start as early as possible.

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Useful Trivia


1) Carry a torch, enough water, a long stick and salt(for leeches) for sure.
2) Wear strong shoes, preferably the boots, to keep yourself safe from the un-invited creepers.
3) Carry your camera and enough snacks to have a happy trekking.
4) The place exhibits a drastic change in temperature ever day. Carry a sweater if planning for an early morning walk, but do carry sun-shades, hat, and sun-screen as the afternoon is sunny sometimes.
5) Carrying a small umbrella will be a good idea to welcome the sudden rain.
6) The food at the inn on the way is far costlier than expected. So either be mentally prepared to spend the amount or carry your own food. But you will find the facility to use toilets there.


1) Do not carry plastic to this place as many animals are found dead because of their intestines being clogged by the same.
2) Avoid trekking during nights as the place houses a few of the non-friendly wild animals.

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